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Toddler Care in San Pedro & Palos Verdes

Our family day care is located in San Pedro, California, which also serves the Palos Verdes community. I specialize in the care of infants, toddlers, and also offer after-school care. Many parents prefer a home day care instead of a large facility because of the individualized attention their children get in a family environment. You can relax while you're at work knowing that your child is safe, happy, and loved in my care.

Child nutrition

I provide all food and drinks for your toddler while they are in my care. This includes milk, juice, baby cereal, yogurts and soft baby foods such as fruit & vegetable puree's and a well balance meal consisting of a well varied Daily menu including all food groups. I am part of a nutrition program (CACFP ) that ensures your toddler will receive nutritious food and snacks as a regular part of their day care.


I will work with you and your toddler as you integrate a routine to follow including new foods, naps, and potty training. Your welcome to bring any of your child's preferred food items.

Your responsibility

Bottles, sippy cup, diapers/pull-ups, wipes, creams and other toiletries must be provided by parents and will be labeled with your child's name. Also, we ask that your child always keep a blanket here for nap time, and an Extra change of clothes in case of accidents.

Attention privileged

Toddlers can count on ample time to play and explore their surroundings inside and outdoors (weather permitting). We have scheduled playtime, circle time, meal time, and nap time. You will see how your little one begins to thrive as this routine forms in their life.