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Infant Care

Choosing an infant care provider is a tough decision. Leaving your precious child with a stranger is difficult and many parents feel guilty. I understand because I am a parent too. However, I want you to meet me and give me the opportunity to show you why you're baby will continue to have a sense of love and security in my cozy home.

Child Nutrition

I provide all food and drinks for your baby while they are in my care. This includes formula, milk, juice, baby cereal, yogurts and soft baby foods such as fruit & vegetable puree's. I am part of a nutrition program (CACFP ) that ensures your baby will receive nutritious food and snacks as a regular part of their day care.

Communication Between Parent & Caregiver

I will work with you and your baby to ensure we are on the same page as you introduce new foods into the baby's diet. You're welcome to bring any special item that is part of your baby's diet and I will integrate it. Also, please share any other concerns, past or present, with me so that I can properly address the care of your child.

Your Responsibility

Bottles, disposable diapers, wipes, creams and others toiletries must be provided by parents, and will be labeled with your child's name.

Attention Privileged

Infants require much nurturing, frequent feedings, and many diaper change, which is why I only care for a limited amount at one time. I want to give your baby the attention they deserve. Call me to find out if I have space available. Give me the opportunity to show you how I can provide a warm and nurturing environment where your baby will have a sense of love and security.