Let's accept the fact; Forex Trading is stressful and Hard!

Are you tired of losing money trading forex? Worry no more as MagForex Stress-Free trading club is finally here to help you truly become financially free!

Why Stress-Free?

It is stress-free because you don't have to trade by yourself anymore. Instead, I will do the trading on your behalf! This is perfect if you're too busy with your day job or you really don't know how to trade properly.

How to Start?

Very simple!

If you don't have a trading account yet, Just open an "MT4 Instant" trading account with FxPro and once you already have your "MT4 Instant" trading account approved, just send me the trading platform login details so I can pilot your trading account on your behalf.

Click here to open an FxPro Account under IB 182907

If on the other hand, you do have an FxPro trading account already, Just open a new MT4 Instant trading account inside your dashboard and send me your trading platform login details so I can pilot your trading account on your behalf.

Follow this step-by-step visual guide on how to open an account that's exactly what I need

What's the minimum Investment?

Since the minimum amount that you can deposit to your FxPro trading account is $100 USD so the minimum investment is also $100 USD.

Click here to open an FxPro Account under IB 182907

And How's the Deal?

The deal is 50/50 of NET gains per month.

For example, you deposited $100 USD to your FxPro trading account and then I started trading the account on your behalf; Then at the end of the month, your account grew by 50% and your new balance becomes $150 USD. So before we begin our sharing, We will first take out your $100 USD initial deposit and then we will split the NET gain of $50. $25 for you and $25 for me.

What's my assurance that you will not scam me?

There is no way that I can scam you whatsoever. Here's why...

When you create your trading account with FxPro, you will be given a "Vault" account and a "Trading" account. The money that you deposit will go inside your "Vault" account and from your "Vault" account, you can create as many "trading accounts" as you like and you can fund it separately using the money that's in your "Vault" account.

If things are not clear yet, please watch the short video below so you have an idea on how transfer money from your "Vault" account to your "Trading" account.

So even if you already gave me your "trading" account login details, I cannot login to your "Vault" account. I can only use your "trading" account login details so I can sign it in to my local trading platform in order to pilot your trading account. But I cannot login directly to your "Vault" account because it requires your email address and the password you chosen when you created your account with FxPro for the first time.

Also, FxPro is very strict in the sense that only the account holder can withdraw money from his/her "Vault" account. No Third-Party is allowed so there's really no way for me to hack on your account and take your money without your permission if that's what concerns you.

How do I know the status of my account while you're trading on my behalf?

When you created your new "MT4 Instant" trading account, you should receive an email containing your MT4 login details. Its very important that you forward that email to me or you take a screenshot so I can see the details "as-is". The main reason is because I will be changing that password so you will not be able to use it to login directly to the trading account only to mess with my trading activities. Instead, I will be giving you an "Investor Password" that you can use to login to your local copy of MT4 terminal so you can view your account without worrying that you might be accidentally clicking a button or screwing the platform because by using the "Investor Password" that I gave you, you are basically logged into the trading platform as "Read-Only". Meaning, you cannot execute a trade or you cannot modify or close and existing position. But you can see the current trades if there's any and you can view the trading history as well.

Watch the short video below if youre not familiar with the MT4 trading platform so you will know how to login to the terminal in order to view your account.

If you don't have MT4 installed on your system, check the same email that you received that contains your MT4 login details and below that email, there should be a link so you can download the "installer". You need to download and install it before you can follow the video above so you can login to your MT4 Instant trading account as an "Investor".

Can I add additional money to my trading account while we're in the middle of the trading month?

No. Before I start trading your account, you have to make up your mind and decide how much you want to put as your starting equity. If you want to add additional funds, you have to wait at the end of the month after we are done sharing our gains for the current month.

I dont want to take my share every month. Instead, I want to add it to my existing capital so it will grow. Would that be possible?

Sure. Every end of the month, we will have to split and share. So its a must that you send me my share every month and its up to you if you want to add your share to your existing capital so your new capital increases for next month's trading. But its very important that you send me my share on a monthly basis; Otherwise, I will stop piloting your account.

What's the best way to deposit money to my FxPro "Vault" account?

The best way to deposit is by using a Debitcard either Mastercard or Visa. The deposit charge is only 1.6% per $100 USD deposit and in multiples of $100 deposit. So if you deposited $200 USD, the deposit charge is only 3.2%. If you deposited $1,000 USD, the deposit charge is only 16% and so on and so forth. Also, if you deposit using Debitcard, it would only take minutes and the money will be there in your "Vault" account after 10-15mins., assuming there's no issues with your deposit.

If you're in the Philippines, the best bank to use is Metrobank. And if you really don't want to hassle yourself, go to the nearest Metrobank branch and open an ATM/Debitcard Savings account and within a hour before you leave the bank branch, you will have your Metrobank Debitcard ready for use to fund your trading account within minutes.

If you're living abroad, just find a reputable local bank in your area that can give you a Debitcard either Mastercard or Visa and you should be fine.

What's our mode of communication?

Our mode of communication is through facebook. There's a facebook group dedicated to all who joined the stress-free trading club and from there all participants gets updated and from there you can also ask all your questions and other concerns.

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